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History of Twisted Events, LLC

The Birth of The Dog Days of Summer Benefit Comedy Show

Years ago (2001?), I read in the paper thousands of animals die annually in Maricopa County. I knew I wanted to change this outcome, so I started fostering dogs and doing events.

Maricopa County Animal Care (and Control) is an open intake shelter for owner surrenders, stray, and lost dogs. There is not enough space for the number of animals surrendered or brought in. This is a community problem.  In 2015, 6905 animals were euthanized at MCACC (this does not include those at Humane Society, Pinal County, or other places). This is down from 11,396 in 2013. ( - search for Maddie’s Report).

As spay and neuter programs increased, animal euthanasia decreased, but it is still not enough. With education, comes understanding and we need engagement at all levels.  Every Rescue group needs fosters, volunteers, donors, adopters, and educators.  Same with the shelter.

I knew the need was greater so I started the Dog Days of Summer Benefit Comedy Show as a fundraising & public relations platform to help many rescues. It also helps animal rescue and welfare volunteers by giving them a fun break from the draining emotional pull of animal rescue. Our hearts are broken and lifted many times per day. Because of this show, in 2015, I also became a volunteer at the county shelter.

Why did I call it Twisted Events? Because I believe in having fun raising money to help charities. It is a win-win situation! I also have a slightly twisted sense of humor.  In a good way.  ;-) Long term I would love to have my own shelter so I can continually help group.  I try to help smaller groups without a paid staff to fundraise. I feel they need the most help.

I want to do educational outreach and work with children, teens, seniors, and Veterans. There is something magical about the bond between people and animals. My goal is to help people learn from and treasure that bond. Pets should not be disposable.

You can help by being a part of my mission. Support me by sponsoring events, inviting people to events, attending an event or hosting one with me. I want to have spay and neuter clinics all over the valley. I want to pay for it and make it happen.

And so began…. The Dog Days of Summer Benefit Comedy Show…. And a host of other crazy and fun events. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. 

Christa Sorenson

Twisted Events, LLC  ~  Instagram/Facebook:  AZTwistedEvents  ~



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If you are not part of the solution; you are part of the problem.  

Make a difference! Volunteer!

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My Dream....

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A world with no euthanasia for animals.  All children in a kind and loving home.  A world where education is important and people are understanding.   A world where we care more about each other and living things than we do about cars, wealth, and belongings.

Let's get going.  We have lots of work to do!!

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